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Workshop - 2 day

$150 Purchase required to enroll

Kick off the Christmas holidays with us! Giving the gift of a 2 day Rock N' Roll Boot Camp experience is a fun, unique, engaging present!

Through workshops, clinics, and private instruction, this mini camp experience is designed to hone music performance and ensemble skills in a creative and fun environment in a short period of time. We know from experience that playing in a band speeds learning and makes the learning process so much fun! Even relatively advanced student musicians are amazed at the amount of progress they make when regularly playing with other kids.

Students work in a hands-on atmosphere that includes: Learning the nuts and bolts of live performance, studio/band rehearsal time, instruction and clinics with music professionals, Rock & Roll music appreciation, interacting with other young musicians, a LIVE rock show performance for your friends and family...and lots of fun!

This two day camp is December 20th and 21st from 9 am to 3 pm, with a live concert at SoR Lubbock on Wednesday around 2:15 p.m.

Our camps are accommodating for all levels of players from the ages of 7-17 (1st-12th grade). We are experienced in keeping things fun, educational, and age-appropriate, If you have any questions, please let us know! Stop by our location at 79th and Indiana, call us at 806-795-0506 or email lubbock@schoolofrock.com

Remember, space is limited! Once a camp is full, it is sold out!

50% of the 2 day camp fee is non-refundable.
100% of camp fee is non-refundable if canceled on the first day of camp or any day thereafter.

Cancellation policy Please contact the school for our cancellation policy and to make cancellations of any kind.
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